WorkSTEPS At Work!

Our WorkSTEPS® services provide reliable, medically and legally defensible employment testing as well as business, safety, and occupational health services that effectively reduce workplace injury risks and cut costs. These post-offer, fit-for-duty and return-to-work programs are designed to assist employers in complying with state and federal regulatory and quality assurance guidelines regarding pre-employment testing, on-the-job injury management, and workers' compensation claims. They are ADA / EEOC-compliant and provide a selective hiring process that is based on objective measures.

Some of our WorkSTEPS® services include:

  • Post-offer Functional Employment Testing (POET): helps employers ensure that employment candidates can safely do the job before they begin working.
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE): full-body comprehensive medical tests used to to objectively manage work-related injuries and return-to-work decisions.
  • Fit for Duty Testing: assures that all employees are medically and physically capable of performing their essential jo functions, and that they're legally compliant with their job's regulatory requirements.
  • Job Task Analysis & Job Descriptions: assess the true physical demands of the job to help employers consistently make informed and legally-compliant decisions about hiring new employees, moving existing employees into new jobs, and returning injured employees safely back to work.
  • Job Site Analysis: reduces such risk factors as repetition, force and awkward posture as well as facilitating an injured worker's successful return to work.
  • Injury Prevention: Back School (back injury prevention education) and other injury prevention education and measures.

Source: WorkSTEPS®

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